Horgus Gwerm


Fyrsti partur er sensureraður.

Horgus adheres strictly to the law, perhaps as compensation for XXXXXXX, and is fanatical about money and power. He haggles over every copper and never pays more than he has to-but when he does purchase something, he goes for quality, never skimping on the important things in life.

The Gwerm family’s money came from a variety of pursuits, including agriculture and mining. Horgus is one of the largest investors in the Truestone Quarry and owns a percentage of all the profits the quarry generates. Horgus has long nurtured a vicious hatred of demons and wants very much to see the crusades succeed. His faith in Abadar is deeply personal and private, but has only increased over the years, as again and again the defenses of the city of Kenabres seem to hold out against the demons through but the grace of his god. He makes considerable donations to various crusading groups-not merely the temple of Abadar-but prefers to keep these donations quiet because of his belief that charity only invites beggars.

Horgus has grown into an arrogant, acerbic nobleman with in flated sense of his own importance. He’s genuinely shocked and offended if others don’t recognize his status. His one redeeming quality may be his ruthless honesty. Though his speech is infrequently buffered by tact, Horgus is known for speaking the truth. He keeps his promises and never reneges on a deal. Businessmen in Kenabres go to Horgus only when they have a desperate need as well as a rock-solid business plan that can stand up to the closest scrutiny. Horgus doesn’t mind lending money for a good cause, but he is keenly intelligent and requires a great deal of factual evidence before he closes a deal.

Though middle-aged, Horgus does what he can to keep fit by practicing with his rapier, but over the past few years, his sparring sessions have grown few and far between. He is a relatively homely man but is never at a loss for female companionship. Beneath his acerbity he possesses an intelligent mind and keen observational powers which some find fascinating.

Seinastu tíðina er Horgus blivin eitt vet mildari, og tykist at klaga eitt sindur minni, tá tit “spilla pengar” – tó at “eitt sindur minni” er meira í familju við at klaga í tveir mánaðir heldur enn tvey ár. Horgus er ófatiliga loyalur mótvegis vinum sínum, og tykist at hava funnið kærleika við Nuruh.

Horgus Gwerm

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